Ronde Time!!!


Wow. It’s cross season already!! I’m not ready yet, but I’m hoping to not be quite as bad this year….I’m gonna start running, and my new Diadora running shoes just came in the mail today. We’ll see.

Lars Boom isn’t racing cross anymore. Talk about fucking the homeland. The Dutch could all give a crap for road racing; they want him racing cross. But, Rabobank wants Italian mobsters to hide their loot in their bank….

The Ronde….what is this, four or five years now? It’s a great course, Big Tom as been secretly hacking away, enough to draw complaints…Three letters…..BMX>>>>>>>>>

THE highlight of the summer riding season happened last week when Don Mullison scored a direct hit on the evil demon dog Oreo with his Halt!! Oreo went down on impact. Direct Hit. It was AWESOME! But, Oreo remains undeterred. Yesterday Molteni and I encountered him once again, and his “owners” tried to corral him in the middle of the road, while we tried to dodge both them and Oreo. Best yet, Hiram and Davide were in the truck behind us, and Hiram pulled up and said “I’ll get my pit bull and take care of heem”.


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