Gateway Cup Carnage!

I was feeling good about the Gateway Cup, having survived and even raced ok, and all. But, alas, many were not so lucky. Reeschard and Kurt Russell went down in the first night of action, and Kurt somehow managed to break two scapulas and a clavicle! I think he wound up uninvited to one of those garden parties. Reeschard has a broken hand, and maybe other peripherals. Our new SIU guy, Mike Vail, was one of the many doing the street surf in the 4’s on friday night. Mike busted his Giant frame, and raced the rest of the event on my Waterford. The street cred of carbon continues to decline– as Mike then wound up winning the Hill and taking 3rd in the finale. He’s not just gonna fill the pack in the 3’s next year, I’m glad to see this kid at SIU!

Dave Neis was the next victim. He went down in the 3’s on saturday with a broken clavicle. Huge pileup in the masters on the Hill, I’m glad I missed that.

Overall the Carbondale crowd did a great job, with Gary Merideth, Berto, and Chief Reimbold all putting in great races! Danimal and Chad were also in the mix, although Chad’s bike was stolen after one of the events!

Sebastian was riding great! At one point on Saturday, I was off the front chasing down a solo, and who should pull around but Sebastian! Unfortunately, Ethan was also on his wheel and immediately countered….I barely managed to hold Ethan’s wheel for about a half a lap…damnit. Next year. Go Cubbies!

Darrell was the man for Mack. He hit the top ten in all three masters races, with three 6ths….Overall, we did well, but the competition is keen this year, and there were some really strong people in the fields. I’m still waiting on reports, but there was also a huge crash in the masters race on the Hill….

Jeff Williams won best in show in the Spoked Art competition!!! Jeff is an incredibly talented artist, in several genre. And, I was bummed that I didn’t make it over to the Friday reception.

And, wow. the Tour of Missou. This is among the best fields of any race in the US, ever.  It was friggin’ amazing to watch Cavendish take Haedo and Hushovd. Jackson, Gary, and I had front row seats at 100 meters when Cav came around. Wow. On Tuesday, Molteni and I did a few laps of Trail of Tears, then headed over to Cape. Once again, it was Cavendish powering past Hushovd and Haedo. I sure hope they can keep that race going. It was cool!!!


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