Superweek!!! Kron leads at the Half….

Ah Superweek….Much better than the tour…After five stages, Nice Guy and Team Mack Hard Man Robert Kron leads the 40+ overall! Someday, I’m going to Superweek…Probably when I’m 50+ at this rate….

Contador seems to have locked up the Tour, barring disqualification. My money for the best performace is on Thor Hushovd! Wow! Cavendish is clearly the fastest guy around, if he has a train to deliver him to the line (which he does). But, Thor is the God of Thunder. In the history of the points jersey, we’ve never seen a sprinter launch over two cat-1 climbs to take a couple of “on the road” bonus points, until now. Incredible.

I was bummed to miss Soulard, a bunch of Carbondalians went, and had lots of fun. Molteni, Chief, Dave, Gary, Sebastian, it looked like a party. Results seem mixed up, since Darrell won the 50+, and he ain’t. Still, if he was scored above Evan Wykes, he must have been up there….


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