Winghaven 09, Danny and Kron get some Wings


Danny and Justin battling it out, Thx Beth for pic

Danny and Justin battling it out, Thx Beth for pic

I was bummed when I saw early on in the season that Winghaven would conflict with an annual father-son camping trip we had planned. I hoped for a delay on the camping trip after the storms down here, but, alas, they found a new site. I really like Winghaven, and I’m usually able to help the team in a race like that. Robert Kron was doing fine, though! Robert’s won this one before, and he was only bested by Dave Stone this year. Dave’s a really nice guy, and an incredible racer. From the chip results, it looks like Stone took it out of a small break which had Robert and Gary Dyer (another great guy!). Mack had a lot of usual suspects in the race, with Darrell coming in next, followed by Jeff, Gary, Robo, Mark, and his brother Mark.

In the 2-3 race, Danny the Rocket Robinson took 3rd! That’s an incredible result for a fairly new (and very young) Cat-2 in an NRC race!!! Wow! Justin Armstead was also up there in 13th! Justin just cat’d up to 3’s, and he’s already scoring points in 2’s races!!! And Gina Champion pulled into the finish in a huge race! That’s serious shit at an NRC race.

I’ll be racing the Masters at Webster Groves this weekend. I can’t swing an overnight stay in Peoria, unfortunately. I love the Proctor Crit, but it’s hard to justify the 4.5 hour drive and overnight stay once the road race got canned. Especially since I can get to Webster in 2 hours. After that, I’ll be giving it a go in Louisville for the Masters National Road Race. Woo Hoo!


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