Sandia Crestfall



Last year at this time I was racing up Sandia Mountain, which I thought was a better first race back after breaking my hip and wrist than Tulsa Tough.  I’m not so sure it was. It was bad. I was hurting, and was the last fool still trying to climb the mountain–Mostly because I had no choice, since Mike Pease was at the top with the car….

So, this year, I was definitely going to Tulsa Tough. Only, then my kids’ school was closed for a week of ice storms, and then a week of inland hurricane, and next thing you know, the kids are in school until June 6! Inconveniently, we were going to visit the in-laws in Santa Fe the week after school let out….and, wouldn’t you know it, they backed up the date for the Sandia Crest road race by a week.

So, instead of racing that easy flat race in St. Genevieve this weekend, I’ll be stuffing as many water bottles as I can get into my jersey and trying not to get dropped on the first climb. It’s Pease’s last year in Albuquerque, before running off to a REAL JOB as assistant professor of geography at Central Washington University in Ellensburg WA.  Pease claims that this year he’s going to suffer it with me. We’ll see….


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