O’Fallon goes on Like a Blister, in the Sun

Nurse Shirley wisely dons latex

Nurse Shirley wisely dons latex

The O’Fallon Grand Prix race was a great event. Dave and I got to ride in a golf cart. It’s a much more technical course than I thought it would be. I had fun. Team Mack did a bang up job all around. Uncle Gary went off the front and won the 50+ race, with Mark Shea in 3’rd and Steve Hall in 6th. Justin Armstead came back from a chase group and posted a 3’rd in the 3’s race. All accounts have this as a heroic feat. Steve Driscoll was up there as well, taking 14th, right in front of Young Danimal Williams. And, Gina Champion posts a 2nd place!! And, Marilyn Powell used the powers of grandmotherhood to secure 5th.

Dave crashed out of the main chase in in the 3’s, and well, you can see above from the photo stolen from Dave’s blog. Pretty nasty blister. We managed to keep it from cropping up on the way home through generous intraveneous infusion of bood light. Gloves are good. Still, Dave was having a great race, and it’s a shame since that finishing straight was made for him.  Just a silly crash. It happens. Chad helped him in to a top 25 finish, even with the crash.

Molteni and Gary did the 5’s race. They were stylin’. Sebastian was up there somewhere in the 50+. I couldn’t stay for results.

The 40+ was quite a slugfest. Things got pretty hot and heavy halfway through the first lap. Darrell Bratton won the second prime sprint, and then he opted out of the third to take a flyer. That was about halfway through the race, and it was a perfect setup. There had already been several breaks, and Robo had softened the field with some hard pacework. But, Springborn was just too much for Robo in the end. Robo got 2nd, with Darrell in 6th, and Mark Tank took the group in with 7th while I was 9th. Gary Dyer was up there in 4th, I’m not sure who was 3rd. Rob Landes was in the race, finishing somewhere in the main chase.


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