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Failed Sacrifices

May 26, 2009
failed sacrifice

failed sacrifice

Looks like Cervelo exercised a classic failed sacrifice in the Giro today. Pulling poor Serge Pauwels from the winning group to help Sastre, only they never even made contact before the finish….Oops.
Molteni was sacrificing to the gods of the river cliffs. We did the Big Muddy Levee with Big Tom, including a waist-deep flooded crossing of Scatters road for about 200 meters. It was epic.
O’Fallon should be fun next weekend, and after that, I box up the Waterford and head to Albuquerque for the Sandia Crest Road Race! I’m hoping Brett Billings and Jeff Daily drag their slacker asses down there.

Hellbender Chainsaw Massacre

May 21, 2009


May really has been interesting….On the racing front, Robo and Mark Shea continue to tear it up. Driving around the country like Thelma and Louise in Robo’s cruiser. So far, it’s been good for them–both posted top 10 finishes overall at Joe Martin! Wow! Still, I worry about Robo, Mark is likely to corrupt him.

I met up with the dynamic duo in Newburg for Hellbender. I like Hellbenders. They were once rumored to be found in a creek in Northeast Oklahoma when I was a kid. No doubt they are no longer there. It’s a fragile species. Much like me in the hills. Geez. Mark had a great race finishing second to the indominable Evan Wykes in the 50s. Steve Hall put in the money for 6th, and Robo took 5th in the 40s. I was somewhere. I think.

Dave Neis had a great race in the 4’s, taking 2nd. He was pretty upset at the finish, and thought he should have had third. A gaggle of goons conspired to get a DQ on a guy who pasted the field for over 30 miles. I can understand the issue of gaining advantage by crossing the yellow, and I know that Buddy or any official has to abide strictly by the letter of the law. But, when a guy ditches the field for 30 miles on a course like Hellbender, his little foray over the yellow isn’t the reason why. It’s not like the guy jumped at 2k in the wake of a passing truck. I’ve never seen Dave so pissed. The guys who conspired to DQ the winner also failed to take pulls or even bother to chase. Ah, well.

Chief Reimbold, Molteni, and Farmer Bob are training for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre National Championships in Crawford Texas. Inspired by the recent  inland hurricane which laid waste to So. Ill, they’ve taken up competitive tree removal and decorative sawing. Rumor has it that Chief can now carve an indigenous person from a stump of pine in under 20 minutes.

Crittin’ Time…

May 5, 2009
Someday, he'll be shot by an angry husband

Someday, he'll be shot by an angry husband

How time flies…I’ve been too depressed about missing so many cool races to blog about them. But, there is Mark Shea, once again in the winner’s circle at the Leland Kermesse, a tough race by all accounts.  Neil Thomas and Don Lowe were in the action, and Don scored a 5th place…which may round out his results before some hernia surgery. Don’ll be back, stronger than ever.

I managed to sneak out for the Tour of St. Louis, which was once again a great event! Thanks to Mike Weiss and all of the Big Shark people. Ah, but this year, the South Central Mack group can’t buy a break. Uncle Gary was gunning for an easy win at Delmar, when his front deraileur exploded, he dropped his chain, put it back on in the middle of the sprint, and still took third while sprinting in the little ring. He’d broken a chain sprinting for a prime, and it trashed the crank and der.  More kudos to Mike Weiss and Big Shark for getting Uncle Gary right back in for the TT.  Jeff Williams had to deviate his sprint when Gary went haywire, but managed to cling to 5th, with John Fleckenstein in 8th and Robo in 11th (overall). Robo is an animal!!! He’s scored podiums in huge races down South at Hells Kitchen, and was also on the podium at Hermann. He obliterated the time trial, posting the seventh fastest overall time in 18:45, and winning the masters. Uncle Gary took 3rd in the 50+tt, with Steve Hall in 6th and Fleck in 7th. Justin Armstead put in an awesome effort, as did Frank Brummer! I think Justin must have won the overall in his last 4’s race (I heard) with a 3rd, 2nd, and 2nd. Frank took 6th in the tt, with a smokin’ time. Gina Champion dropped in to take 5th in one of the crits, and Mike Ozment banged heads in the crits as well. Mark Tank was doing great work in the Sunday crit. Both he and Fleck bailed out on the Northland races, where it was 45 degrees and raining….

Thanks to Kurt Russell for dropping off Gary’s Banana Pie. I didn’t get any of it, and I think Uncle Gary polished it off for dinner. You may have seen Team Mack fanned out in the parking lot on Sunday looking for a Coke, as Gary was getting a bit delerious from the sugar imbalance….I don’t think he’s supposed to eat pie, certainly not a whole one.

Gary repeated his 3’rd overall on Sunday, and it was a frustrating race. I really liked the longer Carondolet circuit, and it looked like we had it sewn up with 6 guys in a 10-12 man break begun with a classic John Fleckenstein solo–they seemed off and gone with with two laps to go…but no. It came back, and we didn’t quite have the organization to give Gary a leadout.

I raced like a pansy. I suppose I did ok on Saturday, and I pulled the first part of the train in the closing laps. My time trial sucked, though I was in the points (there was a brutal wind). On Sunday, I raced like an idiot and a coward. The former can’t be helped, and the latter is Joe Walsh’s fault. He scared me. I was doing ok, and it was halfway through the race. I felt a little bad in the early laps, and Jeff Williams was on fire and punching off the front in several forays. So, I didn’t do shit. Then, with about 5 laps left, Joe Walsh takes a flyer. Jeff takes after him. Aaro Froese, wearing his leopard skin housecoat, primes the lap as they came through off the front. But, this is Jeff’s fourth time off the front, and he loses headway on Joe. I’m thinking, OK, my turn, so I blast off the front and catch Joe on the hill on the back side. Af ter I catch him, Joe turns around and says “You can have the prime, then I’m going to drop your pansy ass and solo for the win.” Or, that’s what I heard. I freaked and chickened out. I should have worked, taken the prime, and waited for my teammates to bridge up….Sorry Joe, I’m a wuss. But, at the time, all I could think about was either Joe riding me off of his wheel, or handing me my ass in a 2-up. Then, I’d get the lecture from Uncle Gary….

Lots of Carbondalians in STL! Diamond Dave did a great job in the 4’s, and Chief Reimbold and Shirley were in action for Chief’s birthday race. Berto and Kelly were also racing and playing. And Sebastian Dimmaggio was flying in the 50+!! Some of them got to do Sylvan (even Molteni, and Gary Meredith!), and Dave took 4th in 3-4. He’ll be sandbaggin’ the 4’s until Proctor, I think. What’s he supposed to do? You have to preregister and all…