Ivanov wins Amstel, Dyer to Colnago

Did he tell his wife yet?

Did he tell his wife yet?

I wish I was up in Hermann this weekend. The spouse was doing River to River Relay, which was a great event, once again. I should be back for Tour of STL barring tragedy. Pictures are up and it looks like many of the usual suspects were in play. I hope Steve Hall, Mark Shea, and Robo had good races. Looks like Gary Dyer was in the action…man, look at that new bike he got for a post surgery present to himself….

I was happy to see Ivanov take Amstel. He was the most active person in the last 40k, and narrowly missed sticking an earlier break with Nibali and Kreuzinger. It’s debatable whether Nibali should have shouldered down and worked, but given the way they were all cooked on the next climb, I guess it didn’t matter. Sorry to see Kroon miss out, his team made that win. Saxo had three guys slowing the pace in a critical juncture within 3k, and that was the difference in the race.


3 Responses to “Ivanov wins Amstel, Dyer to Colnago”

  1. Kurt Russell Says:

    Spread the word…PIE ON SATURDAY! Banana Cream, just like your Uncle Gary loves.

    See Saturday.

  2. sherkat Says:

    Bannana Creme Pie, the perfect pre-time-trial snack.

    thanks Kurt!

  3. Brian Says:

    Gary Dyer doesn’t need a wife…he just has one because he is so freaking awesome.

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