Hillsboro 09: Danny and Justin get Bricks

Danny Takes the 3's, thx Denis F

Danny Takes the 3's, thx Denis F

Thanks to Todd Harris and ICCC for making Hillsboro Roubaix a premiere event! A great time was had by all! Fields were huge, and everything as well as can be expected.

A big congratulations to Danny Robertson and Justin Armstead who scored wins at Hillsboro this weekend. Danny won the 3’s race in convincing style, and was very appreciative of hard work from Steve Driscoll. Justin also won in an exciting sprint, and he powered away from a strong field. Another new Macker, Gina Champion took 6th in the women’s 4’s. Frank Brummer was banging head in the 4’s as well.

In the Masters, the Team Mack lock on the overall has been broken! We had a good crew, and fought hard in both races, but confusion and bad luck made this edition perhaps the first Hillsboro ever without Team Mack in a podium position in the masters. It wasn’t for lack of trying. The fields were huge. The organizers split the 50+ and 40+, which was not what was advertised. That didn’t sit well with our strategy.  A sizeable group of 50+s (including Gary, John Fleckenstein, Mark McGeen, and Steve Hall) caught the 40+ a quarter way through the 2nd lap.  But, there was some serious firepower in the 50+, and a break went away and stuck on the 3rd lap. There was some fishy stoppage on the 40+ pack. I don’t want to bitch too much, but the 40+ should have been stopped immediately to let the 50+ front group past to race. It was confusing for everyone, and I’m sure some 50+ people got caught out when the break went and they might not have if it would have been the 15 or so people in the separation, instead of a hodgepodge of 40+ and 50+ clogging road. In the end, Mack had John Fleckenstein in 6th, Steve Hall in 8th, Mark McGeen in 10th and Mark Shea in 14th the 50+. Robo grabbed 7th in the 40+, with Robert Kron in 11th, Jeff in 21, Don Lowe in 26th, and and Mark Tank in 29th. Darrell and Michael Ozment were also in the mix somewhere. And Mario….

Carbondale had serious representation, with Dave Neis taking 7th in the 4’s and Rob Landes scoring an incredible 10th in the 40+ Wow! Rob needs to race some more road bikes! Chief Reimbold and Farmer Bob Barrios were in the 4’s. Sebastian DiMaggio was registered 40+ and started 50+….I think he may have done much better than he was scored….which is hard to do when you have chip timing. He finished in the group with Mark Shea, in the main 50+ chase.  Gary Meredith had a great time in the 5’s race.  Jeff Daily and Danimal made an appearances in the 3’s race. Good to see both of them back on their bikes. And, Heston, Ken Mulligan, and Chad were all pinned up as well.

My race didn’t go so well. I felt good, despite being in New Orleans and such for much of the week, and only getting in a couple of rides. Things were getting hot and heavy on the back side, and Robo and Darrell had both made bids to draw off a break. It was my turn. After Darrell and a couple of guys got reeled in, I rolled off and hammered it. I got a huge gap….and no bridge group (or even individual). I was out of sight for a while, and had the wheel truck and everything. But, I was caught just after the feed zone in a huge flurry of attacks. I wound up getting popped in the gutter sections coming back into town on the second lap. I packed it in and stayed out of the way. I was pleased at how fast I was able to go, and how long I stayed out solo. But, I need to do a better job on endurance. I think New Orleans and the lack of real food took it’s toll. I also failed to eat anything or drink much on the first lap, and I should have prepared more for the catch and pulled up in the feed zone instead of trying to beat the bunch solo to the crest of the hill. Ah well, next year….

Gary Dyer is indeed back from his back surgery! Dodd Slawson hung with one of the fastest 50+ breaks in the history of that category of racing. He popped off after a while, but hey. Kurt Russell saw me leading the 40+ solo, and thought he was hallucinating.


Uncle Gary Busts a Move, thx Denis F


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