10 Years of USCF Racing



This year marked my tenth year as a card carrying member of the United States Cycling Federation. My first year wasn’t exactly stellar. I entered a couple of cat-5 events with my buddy Lem Stevens in Nashville. I did better than my first racing experience, when I popped for a day license in a cat-5 race that was three months after I bought my first real bike and one month after knee surgery. Mostly, back then, I was doing duathlon and focusing on long course events like the Powerman Alabama and Tennessee races. But, after moving to So Ill, bike racing became the focus. I’m hoping for an exciting season. Last year just about this time, I was taken out by a dog. I never really recovered for the road season, and cross was even worse. But, I’m hopeful for the road season this year. I’ve been in the top 10 several times at Hillsboro, and have been 5th twice. I’d like to have a good race there, and help Team Mack take home yet another Hillsboro Masters victory.

After Hillsboro, I’m not sure where I’ll be racing. Masters nationals will be a key goal. I can’t skip this year. I wanted to go last year, but I wasn’t ready to race at that level after my crash. This year, I hope to help Robert Kron and Robo (I think, I’m not sure how old Robo is), and I may even drop in for the TT. I’ll be back at Tulsa Tough, and I hope to hit the NRC race in Marion In, along with Winghaven, which will give me a good set of high quality races.

Mostly, it’s just great to be back and I’m looking forward to racing another season!!


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