Ground Hog 2009

Jeff, Uncle Gary, & Chester the, ah, Groundhog

Jeff, Uncle Gary, & Chester the, ah, Groundhog

 Well, the Bill Jensen Memorial Groundhog Cyclocross Race was once again a late winter classic! Big Thanks to Uncle Gary and the Springfield Crew, the Driscolls, and especially to Jeff Williams and Darrell Bratton for designing a killer new course! Ouch!! It was muddy. I can’t run anymore.

Congratulations especially to Nate Rice on his repeat as dual champion! Great wins by Rudy Schwartz and Chad Martel in the masters 50 and 40 races. Robert Kron double flatted in the first lap of the 40+, he loves cross, though! And, Mack filled the 30+ podium with Justin Armstead Dan Ingersoll, and Steve Driscoll!  Awesome rides from Ron Bridal (2nd) and Diamond Dave Neis (4th) in the open! Danny, Darrell, Jeff, and Robo were all in the mix in at least one race. Mesa’s Christine Ford took the early morning women’s event, contested under colder but less sloppy conditions. Team Mack’s Gina Champion was 2nd and Carbondalian Kelley McGuire rounded out the podium.

Huge turnout from Carbondale, with six racers coming up. Roberto and Kelly woke up early and Kelly scored a podium shot with Uncle Gary. Chief and Molteni were also on the podium in the 50+ men, and of course Diamond Dave. 

Does your line suck, too?

Does your line suck, too?

I’ll post another set of pictures soonish. 




2 Responses to “Ground Hog 2009”

  1. carlos flanders Says:

    Any more pics? Who was the photographer on the hill?

  2. sherkat Says:

    I’m not sure about the photographers. I got all my stuff from Uncle Gary. I posted several more, but I suspect Gary will post more on the Mack website eventually.

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