Don is back….


At long last Don Mullison is feeling up to doing regular road rides and even working in some trails. I figure that if I show him a few more of the things I’ve discovered, he’d rather get an oxycontin addiction than ride his recumbent on the road. The ‘bent seems to be helping his back, and hopefully he’ll be able to hook up for some nice trails. Don’s a nut! He’s the reason why I started blasting off on trails, never knowing the outcome. Don’s a serious birder, and does counts that are used by real biologists. His biking helps his birding, and vice versa. We did the “lower natural bridge Trespass” and the “Middle Etherton trespass” yesterday, and he seemed to be going great. Tomorrow….maybe upper Etherton, and then the upper and lower Hick ridge…


2 Responses to “Don is back….”

  1. Mary Says:

    That is not Don Mullison.

  2. sherkat Says:

    Nah, Sorry, Mag, I don’t have a picture of Don…I looked….But, he’s riding!

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