Survival in the Doldrums


My sincere condolences to Robert Kron and his family on the passing of his uncle, Theo. Robert’s Uncle Theo helped lift the sport when it wasn’t doing so hot.  Many in the Kron family have competed at the highest levels, and his uncle Theo was someone who made a mark in organizing as well. Enough that long after illness and fate led him away, the Wisconsin cycling community remembers him quite fondly. Without guys like Theo Kron, not many of us would be racing today, and there would be few opportunties to do so:

From WCA: “Cycling Patriarch Theo Kron Passes Away The WCA would like to extend its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Theo Kron who passed away after suffering from Alzheimers Disease. While living in Chicago from the 1960-1980’s, Mr. Kron had a very active role in the cycling community. He represented the Midwest on the USCF Board of Directors, was an official, and a constant presence at races of the era. WCA Technical Director Heidi Mingesz recollects: “I have many fond memories of Theo. He shared his knowledge and love of bicycle racing freely, and mentored me when I was a young official. With Mac Bottema, he reorganized and revitalized the South Chicago Wheelmen in the late 1950’s, and was a constant presence at the Northbrook velodrome. He represented the Midwest on the U.S. Cycling Federation Board of Directors in the 1970’s and early 1980’s.” We say good-bye to Theo with the comfort of knowing that his contribution to our cycling community will live on for ages.”


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