Pomona Icebox


I returned from a research trip and So Ill is at 13 degrees and holding. So, the Chief and I are packing up the van and heading to Pomona for some tresspassin’. It’s gonna be cold….

Update: It was a bit trickier than I expected, but overall those trails are great when frozen. The top pass off of Hickory Ridge (known to old locals as Whiskey Ridge, Dave and I learned one day from an old fart with a gun) is in really good shape, as is the lower trail to Natural Bridge Road. But, the Jerusalem Hill alternative passage is pretty trashy. In the end, it was probably 13-15 degrees the whole time, but with heavy preparation, we were fine. I had two thermal jerseys (a old team biemme and a castelli), an assos baselayer, with a castelli mesh t. And, a Team Mack  Biemme thermal over all of that. I’m a total wuss. On bottom, I had a craft basepant, biemme roubaix tights with a cham, and the new Kalas over tight. It was awesome! I’m a total wimp. I wore two Pearl Iz. liner gloves with the Ampib’s over them. Plenty warm. And the Sidi Diablos with Castelli windstopper socks. I’m writing this down so I’ll remember for next time….


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