Pine Hills Birthday Party


The last day of the year, and my birthday. So, nothing better to do than take off early and do the Pine Hills. The water is up all over the place, and even Cedar Lake was very muddy yesterday when Dave and I did the trail. Since it was barely above freezing, wading through Hutchinson Creek was not an option. Instead, we kept bombing down Pine Hills Road all the way to Trail of Tears State Park. After that, up Beech Grove and then down Rhine Road to Alto. Woo woo.


3 Responses to “Pine Hills Birthday Party”

  1. Allision Blach Says:

    Happy Birthday Sherkat!

  2. Candy Says:

    Happy Birthday Darren. This is Candy. Of all the professors to ever give me spankings, yours were the best.

  3. Robet Says:

    Happy Birthday Darren. See you at the Groundhog.

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