Big Daddy Takes on the Nation


Big Daddy Mark McGeen was really rockin’ at Nationals, taking on Ned Overend and the rest of an overloaded 50-54 field. Mark had a very unlucky late chain drop which pushed him out of the top 10, but he finished a spectacular 15th on the day. I had the pleasure of screaming him on with his wife, Denise, whom I had not met before. But, I was screaming “Go Mark” and she was screaming “Go Big Daddy”! Mike Ozment was 15th in the 60-64, but I didn’t make it to that race. I did manage to get to KC just in time to see Darrell Bratton banging heads in the 45-49. Darrell was listed as 71, but most of the results are pretty messed up beyond the top, I think he was up there further.

Matt's Smokin' the single speed

Matt's Smokin' the single speed

Lots of great results from the STL crowd. It was great to see Nate Rice have an awesome race in the 30-34–he barely missed the podium at 7th (after losing a few places on the last section of the course). Josh Johnson had a really bad time. Nothing went right for him, which is too bad. He looked really good in the first part of the UCI race, but in the Masters everything bad happened. On one of the laps (when he wasn’t that far behind Nate) he was pushed into the course tape, biffed an easy turn, crashed spectacularly on the dip, then nearly crashed again on a high speed section. The usual crew was in the mix, Ethan had a great ride in the Masters and UCI. Matt Dawson and Matt Laberta were literally smokin’ in the single speed (the Evil Mike Dawson pic captures it all). And, Mr. Schlitz, Anthony Dust was really racing like Elvis. For a guy chugging Schlitz at 10am, Anthony looked great in the UCI. Mikey Weiss took valuable time away from the beer tent to contest the 35-39; poor Mike seemed to be working way too hard, and I never saw him in a shark suit. Chief Reimbold was moving well in the 50-54, and Dave Neis was fighting in the 30-34. Dan Williams had a good time in the upper teens this year. Dennis K and Ron Bridal from Dogfish were also having a good time. Ron scored a really solid finish. He’s riding well–looks good for Groundhog. David Stroot was also in the mix for the collegiate, finish a very solid 30th for Lindenberg (he should come to SIU).  Mike Pease and Jeff Williams came to watch and cheer. Pease did yeoman’s work in the pit for me and several guys from NM. He’s all about doing several guys in a public park. Jeff dug a cave for the UCI event, and refused to leave. I hope Tammy found him.

I really liked the course, mostly because I suck at cross and it was an easy power course. I had a bad start position and played it safe early, but I was moving up really fast. I was pretty bummed that I got pulled from the course, and was surprised that the leaders were very close. After looking at the scoresheet, I realized they weren’t supposed to pull me. At least I got scored, I guess. But, I should have been about 60th, not 92nd. Ah well, it could be worse. They pulled poor Jim Klages and then scored him DNF (he finished right behind me).

Best yet, Mike Magnuson showed up in his orange deer hunter suit, and snuggled with Brad Huff and another naked guy up by the stair climb. If anyone has a picture of that, I’m interested.


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