Worst Purchase of 2008: SIDI Toasters



I wanted to get my worst purchase out before the shopping season gives full sway, and I’m not buying anything else this year, anyway. No, I wasted a huge chunk of change on this worthless item, the SIDI Toaster heated insoles. Jesus fuck. How could I be so stupid? I was drawn in by their wonderful new winter riding boots, the Diablos, which were my best purchase last year. I dreamed of maybe beating chilly toes forever! I could even wear these in my regular shoes, and race cross nationals in the snow and have warm feet!!!! Fucking delusional, eh?

   The Toasters have serious reliability problems. I’ve managed to get them to warm about half the time. One of the chargers didn’t work (I bought two!!! I’m stupid…), I managed to lose one of the remotes, and can’t get anyone to respond about how to get another one. The insoles seem to have problems charging consistently, and discharge varies in an unacceptable way. Often one sole works and the other does not.  I could ignore variable performance on something like this if it cost about $50, which is what these things should cost. $50, not $250. And, it’s completely unreasonable to market an item used on your feet in Winter and not have spare parts available! That is bullshit. You can buy any small part Cateye makes for really reasonable prices, and for older models! And, their shit isn’t this expensive. I wish a more reputable electronic outfit would market a heated insole and actually support it. SIDI should stick to shoes.


3 Responses to “Worst Purchase of 2008: SIDI Toasters”

  1. nathalie Says:

    Did you ever find anything better? I am looking and cant fina anything where you dont need to also carry the battery pack on route!

  2. sherkat Says:

    Nope!!! Sorry!! I think you have to tote a battery in order to actually get something that works. And, apparently, some of those do work well. Fortunately (for me…), global warming has a great effect on Southern Illinois…we haven’t even had a mild frost yet!!

  3. STEFANO Says:


    I found another company that solely makes foot warmers and has spare parts to boot and is less expensive and did I mention that they last about 15 to 17 hours minimum per charge.

    check out HOTRONIC foot warmers

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