Faustian, even


Hey Mikey, wait up!

Hey Mikey, wait up!

The first Bubba of the year at Faust was quite an event. Looked to have great attendance, and an awesome, punishing course. Unfortunately for me, the punishment was left-side off camber dismounts and remounts, which didn’t sit really well after the hip fracture six months ago….I could have done without rolling the tubular, and probably should have took 40psi out of the tires on the pit bike (and maybe tightened the quick release on the front wheel…). But, there were throngs of enthusiastic supporters! The Team Revo crowd even  made me want to dislocate my hip! Darrell was rocking way up there for Mack, Matt, Walt, and Robo were also in the House. Robo had a bad start or he would have taken the B-race. And how about that Anthony Dust! Nate had to put in a real dig to finally drop him. Reeschard and Ron Bridal both had great races as well. And Mikey Weiss!!! I couldn’t stay with him and Kurt Russell when my tires started going goofy, and with the bike change and 80psi Speedmax. Plus, I suck.

And, I shit you not, Dr. Mark took a phone call in the middle of the race. Definitely proof that he is, in fact, a physician. I was coming into the woody section and I saw Dr. Mark way up ahead and off his bike. As I got closer it was evident that he wasn’t really doing anything (like fixing a chain, or popping on a tire). Once I was on him, I realized he was on the phone!

Gary and Tom represented So. Ill in the C’s, and Tom was riding really well but had serious shifting issues which put him in the pit. Dave Neis was rockin’ hard in the B’s.

Ah well. At least I ripped off the old Tufos last night, and I’ll start gluing up the new Challenge Grifos, which everyone raves about . I think the Tufos have a problem with consistency, people report both good and bad results with the tubular and tubular clincher models. Mine always sucked. They were too slick and hard to get traction in the muddy stuff or  on super dry courses. It doesn’t help that I got them on sale from a big discount house, and I bet they were 3 years old when I bought them 1.5 years ago. Oh well.


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