Triple Tresspass!!!

Oh, wow!!! Molteni and I managed to complete the Triple Tresspass. This is one of the toughest rides in So. Ill, taking off road in Etherton (about 8 miles from C-dale) and meandering in the Cave Creek Valley back and forth from Hickory Ridge until finally coming out near the Pomona Natural Bridge. Tomorrow, I’m gonna have to do another one….We’ve not had too much rain, and it’s finally cold enough to kill the bugs and poison ivy…


3 Responses to “Triple Tresspass!!!”

  1. Allision Blach Says:

    My boyfriend’s family owns a few hundred acres surrounding natural bridge. It used to include the natural bridge, but they sold it to the government some time ago.

  2. sherkat Says:

    Very cool! That area is one of my favorite places in So Ill. Yesterday I did another favorite going from Pine Hills Road to the old Hutchin’s Creek trail….they’ve really done some work on that trail, you should hike it when you come back!

  3. Bob Crow Says:

    Got a Triple Tresspass map?

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