I miss Bubba…

The Bubba series is officially started, and I’ve missed the first two races in STL. I was in Louisville at a conference on the only weekend they didn’t have a cross race. Oh well, at least I showed in Carbondale….Looks like Darrell and Walt dragged the kids over. David Stroot and Matt Siemens and Darrell Bratton did a great job in the A’s, which featured a cameo from Nate Rice and Josh Johnson. Guys that good have to try to hit the bigger races more often, and it was an off week during Jefferson Barracks.  Robo was bopping around in the B’s and finished 7th, right behind REEESCHARD!!!!! Who no doubt jumped in the A’s and promptly broke his bike or something….Walt Siemens was in good shape in the B’s field, and Frank Brummer picked up a point with 6th in the C’s. Jeff Williams was reportedly there surveying the damage.

A bunch of Carbondalians at JB. Dave and the Chief in the B’s, Big Tom, Larry, Molteni and Gary in the C’s. Oh, and Dan Williams head diving in the A’s.

Preliminary reports from Spanish Lake sound awful. I wasn’t too hurt to have to miss that one.  I’ll be back for Faust. I like that course.

I’m excited about this new cross movie thing from 2007 KC Nationals!



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