Anna Biathlon, once again

Chris Wells did a fine job once again with the Anna Biathlon. It really is a class event, and on a really tough, hilly course. Alison and I did it as a team, with the kid handoff, but it went pretty well. This is an old pic with Chris talking with Dr. Fred Gustav, and Saki in the background. We wound up third overall this year, and first among teams. Not bad with no warm up and children. Jackson had a soccer game, so we were off as soon as I finished. But, there seemed to be a gaggle of So. Illin’s up near the front. Dave Neis, Ryan Warren, Larry Mck, Ken Mulli, Danimal, Chad, Gary, Cay, Big Tom, Sandy, and even Keith was pinning on a number instead of counting them. The locals were running an echelon on the back 8, I had to push to catch them. Eric Hellegren was teaming with his spouse, and damn, Gary, ah…where the hell did she come from! 21 and change? Wow. I sure wish those Cape guys had pulled off a cross race in Oct….


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