Fleck takes the overall, and Mark Shea posts a V!!


Big action way up North at the ABD Geargrinder. The TT saw Uncle Gary fall a bit out of contention for the overall, but put John Fleckenstein right in the thick of it for BOTH the 40+ and the 50+. Fleck pulled off the win in the 50’s and was narrowly edged  in the 40’s, with Gary coming in third and Mark Shea pulling off 5th overall. Robert Kron finished his season in form with 10th in the overall.

A huge highlight this weekend was the big WIN for Mark Shea in the 40+ crit on the final day. There were some serious heavy hitters at this race, it wasn’t just a Team Mack training ride. Mark has drawn a lot of flack over in the STL area, because he was too humble to cat up. Mark is a great guy, and it’s been almost funny to read stuff suggesting that his motives for remaining in lower ranks were a function of anything other than him thinking that he needed more experience. Mark’s given me the beer out of his hand. It’s been great to see him move up so quickly–and I think 3 years from cat-5 rookie to Master’s victory is pretty fast, I don’t care what it says on his license.

Ricardo Otero turned in some great rides and hit the podium in the 3’s, and Robo also hit the top 7 overall. Young Danny was up there in several of the 3’s races as well.  Don Lowe was in the house in the action in the 40+’s.  Robert Burns turned in another win, as did Robert’s Momma, MaryAnne Kron! Great to See Marilyn Powell smashing the women’s Masters!


2 Responses to “Fleck takes the overall, and Mark Shea posts a V!!”

  1. Salukitau Says:


    That’s a nice picture. How about letting us know who’s who in the picture. We hear you talk about them all the time, it would be nice to put a face with the name.


  2. sherkat Says:

    I just cop these from Uncle Gary…From the left, Frank Brummer, Mark Shea, Steve Hall, Gary Doering, Clark Priebe, Jeff Williams, and Darrell Bratton (who was took third after Uncle Gary’s win–this is after or before Tour of STL at Forest Park).

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