Uncle Gary does ABD

This week, we had to rely on Robo for our race report. Uncle Gary left out too many things, like about him winning…. I’m fascinated that way up North in damn-near Wisconsin, they’re still having road races, while down South it’s pretty much dead. Even the Mercy Crit folded, which used to be around this time. But, Team Mack was in full swing at a hotly contested ABD series in the borderlands. Those people put on a good race, and it had a very good turnout, with some heavy hitters toeing the line. Uncle Gary sums up parts of it: “A BIG Congratulation to: Bob Burns (2nd, 1st), John Fleckenstein (1st, 1st, 4th, 10th), Ricardo Otero (5th, 3rd), Robert Kron (1st), Robo Brokaw (4th), Mark Shea ( 8th, 12th).”  But, what he doesn’t say is that he is sitting in the lead for the overall for the 50+ (one point ahead of John Fleckenstein!), and is second in the 40+. Fleck is 3rd in the 40+ overall, one point down on Gary. So, it’s the Fleck and Gary show up there. Not a bad way to end the season!

Best wishes to all racing next weekend! I’ll be teaming with Alison on the Anna Biathlon, then off until I can find a cross race…


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