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Triple Tresspass!!!

October 30, 2008

Oh, wow!!! Molteni and I managed to complete the Triple Tresspass. This is one of the toughest rides in So. Ill, taking off road in Etherton (about 8 miles from C-dale) and meandering in the Cave Creek Valley back and forth from Hickory Ridge until finally coming out near the Pomona Natural Bridge. Tomorrow, I’m gonna have to do another one….We’ve not had too much rain, and it’s finally cold enough to kill the bugs and poison ivy…


I miss Bubba…

October 27, 2008

The Bubba series is officially started, and I’ve missed the first two races in STL. I was in Louisville at a conference on the only weekend they didn’t have a cross race. Oh well, at least I showed in Carbondale….Looks like Darrell and Walt dragged the kids over. David Stroot and Matt Siemens and Darrell Bratton did a great job in the A’s, which featured a cameo from Nate Rice and Josh Johnson. Guys that good have to try to hit the bigger races more often, and it was an off week during Jefferson Barracks.  Robo was bopping around in the B’s and finished 7th, right behind REEESCHARD!!!!! Who no doubt jumped in the A’s and promptly broke his bike or something….Walt Siemens was in good shape in the B’s field, and Frank Brummer picked up a point with 6th in the C’s. Jeff Williams was reportedly there surveying the damage.

A bunch of Carbondalians at JB. Dave and the Chief in the B’s, Big Tom, Larry, Molteni and Gary in the C’s. Oh, and Dan Williams head diving in the A’s.

Preliminary reports from Spanish Lake sound awful. I wasn’t too hurt to have to miss that one.  I’ll be back for Faust. I like that course.

I’m excited about this new cross movie thing from 2007 KC Nationals!

Scary stuff…

October 13, 2008


Truly frightening stuff over at the Iranian Redneck

Anna Biathlon, once again

October 12, 2008

Chris Wells did a fine job once again with the Anna Biathlon. It really is a class event, and on a really tough, hilly course. Alison and I did it as a team, with the kid handoff, but it went pretty well. This is an old pic with Chris talking with Dr. Fred Gustav, and Saki in the background. We wound up third overall this year, and first among teams. Not bad with no warm up and children. Jackson had a soccer game, so we were off as soon as I finished. But, there seemed to be a gaggle of So. Illin’s up near the front. Dave Neis, Ryan Warren, Larry Mck, Ken Mulli, Danimal, Chad, Gary, Cay, Big Tom, Sandy, and even Keith was pinning on a number instead of counting them. The locals were running an echelon on the back 8, I had to push to catch them. Eric Hellegren was teaming with his spouse, and damn, Gary, ah…where the hell did she come from! 21 and change? Wow. I sure wish those Cape guys had pulled off a cross race in Oct….

Fleck takes the overall, and Mark Shea posts a V!!

October 7, 2008


Big action way up North at the ABD Geargrinder. The TT saw Uncle Gary fall a bit out of contention for the overall, but put John Fleckenstein right in the thick of it for BOTH the 40+ and the 50+. Fleck pulled off the win in the 50’s and was narrowly edged  in the 40’s, with Gary coming in third and Mark Shea pulling off 5th overall. Robert Kron finished his season in form with 10th in the overall.

A huge highlight this weekend was the big WIN for Mark Shea in the 40+ crit on the final day. There were some serious heavy hitters at this race, it wasn’t just a Team Mack training ride. Mark has drawn a lot of flack over in the STL area, because he was too humble to cat up. Mark is a great guy, and it’s been almost funny to read stuff suggesting that his motives for remaining in lower ranks were a function of anything other than him thinking that he needed more experience. Mark’s given me the beer out of his hand. It’s been great to see him move up so quickly–and I think 3 years from cat-5 rookie to Master’s victory is pretty fast, I don’t care what it says on his license.

Ricardo Otero turned in some great rides and hit the podium in the 3’s, and Robo also hit the top 7 overall. Young Danny was up there in several of the 3’s races as well.  Don Lowe was in the house in the action in the 40+’s.  Robert Burns turned in another win, as did Robert’s Momma, MaryAnne Kron! Great to See Marilyn Powell smashing the women’s Masters!

Uncle Gary does ABD

October 2, 2008

This week, we had to rely on Robo for our race report. Uncle Gary left out too many things, like about him winning…. I’m fascinated that way up North in damn-near Wisconsin, they’re still having road races, while down South it’s pretty much dead. Even the Mercy Crit folded, which used to be around this time. But, Team Mack was in full swing at a hotly contested ABD series in the borderlands. Those people put on a good race, and it had a very good turnout, with some heavy hitters toeing the line. Uncle Gary sums up parts of it: “A BIG Congratulation to: Bob Burns (2nd, 1st), John Fleckenstein (1st, 1st, 4th, 10th), Ricardo Otero (5th, 3rd), Robert Kron (1st), Robo Brokaw (4th), Mark Shea ( 8th, 12th).”  But, what he doesn’t say is that he is sitting in the lead for the overall for the 50+ (one point ahead of John Fleckenstein!), and is second in the 40+. Fleck is 3rd in the 40+ overall, one point down on Gary. So, it’s the Fleck and Gary show up there. Not a bad way to end the season!

Best wishes to all racing next weekend! I’ll be teaming with Alison on the Anna Biathlon, then off until I can find a cross race…