Dogfish Day Afternoon

It was great to see Mark Nagy and Anthony Dust dueling it out for the IV Ronde title! You couldn’t ask for a nicer pair of guys. I guess Anthony lost his porn gig, or maybe he had to do some scene where he was shaved, but he’s racing really well.  At least Matt Dawson was still sportin’ some righteous chops. Too bad there was no Chimay this year…Ah, well. Things change. But, cross is definitely happening in the STL area. I didn’t check the other numbers, but the A race had a record 15 or so guys. Chief and Keith McQ did a great job with the show!!!

I wasn’t exactly ready to race cross. I finally forced myself to do a couple of dismounts on Friday, and so I went ahead and showed. Alison did the Cape Girardeau Half Marathon in the morning, so I didn’t get to see any of the C’s, and not much of the B’s.

Great to see Reeeeeeschard!!!!  He’s back in action,  living in STL. and working at and racing for Mesa.. Apparently, single, I think. I’ll scribble his number on some bathroom walls. Thanks much to Rich and Adrienne for keeping him from being homeless. Reeschard is up for mid week So Ill’in, and I’m hoping he’ll pop down for some sick fall training.

Nice to see John Williams and family! That man needs to be on his bike just a bit more!!! But, I know how it is! Danimal was rockin’ up, he’s the real deal. All those Williams’ kids are fast.


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