Jeff Takes the Nation….

Oh yeah, baby!!! Team Mack’s Punk Rock Superstar Jeff Williams takes the ABR National Championship! It was quite the Mack Festa. Uncle Gary reports: “Bob Burns won the 60+ National title with Dennis Jurs a fine 3rd place finish. In the 40+ race Jeff William WON BIG in the field sprint with Ricardo Otero 2nd, Mark Tank 3rd, Bobby Kron 4th, and Don Lowe 10th. The 50+ race had John Fleckenstein just miss the win by less than a 1/2 inch for a fine 2nd place. Yours truly was 9th and Mike Rummelhart around 15th after leading me out in the field sprint. The 30+ race had lone MACK member Neil Thomas in a respectable 8th place. ”

Jeff is an incredibly talented artist, musician, and cyclist! I gotta admit, he’s someone I really try to emulate. He’s good. He’s kind. He’s genuine. He’s positive. And, he’s funny, and cool, and nonjudgemental. I mean, I’m kindof surprised nobody tapped him for Vice Prez….

In honor of our economic meltdown, a little heatmiser….

This makes for a huge end to the Team Mack road season. Darrell Bratton took the Jeff City Crit, with Robo and Uncle Gary in the top five. Clark was 3rd in the 1-2-3. Young Dan was in the Top 10 in the 3’s. Robo winning the 3’s in  ST. Gen. And, tons of results up North.


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