Unicyclist meets Fascist Repression…

I did a nice ride with Matt Whiles and Eric Hellgren yesterday. We took in the scenic side of Water Valley, Wing Hill, and Rocky Comfort. I guess that’s where they are spec’ing that new ride across Illinois, judging from the expensive signage…

Eric peeled off and Matt and I continued through downtown Makanda, where we met up with Larry, the unicyclist. Matt had done some riding with Larry earlier in the week, and we stopped to say hi. Larry had just been accosted by on of Illinois’ less distinguished members of the State Police. The off duty officer with his kid in the cab of his pick-em-up truck honked, swerved, and cursed at poor Larry, who was minding his own business riding his unicycle within a hundred yards of his home and business. When Larry asked to talk with him, the fascist pig whipped out his State Police badge and cursed Larry some more (in front of his own kid). Wow, thanks, public servant! Great example for your kid! I wish Larry had gotten his badge number…His supervisor is a cyclist, if I’m not mistaken.


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