Mike Magnuson has left So Ill

But, of course, he will always be So Ill. The place won’t be the same without him. But, Mag’s done gone and pursued his dreams of shoveling shit into the brains of mindless Americans. Gone off to Holywood to work in tee vee and shit. Hopefully, he’ll instead pick up more gigs writing words about something like bikes. But, Stupidity is where the money is. I understand that millions of Americans sit glued in front of Tee Vees every day, for hours! Wow. No wonder we’re screwed…..But, hopefully that bodes well for Mag! I’m sure he’ll be back now and again, but it won’t be the same. When I met Mag he was pushing 300lbs, and was smoking cigarettes in the parking lot of Carbondale Cycles before Saki’s Monday and Wednesday night indoor group rides. He’s come a long way since then! It’ll make the party in KC all the better at Nationals….

Ah, I don’t know where to leave the musical interlude, something gay and sappy from Bowie?


Or the classic from the Stones (I know how Mag hates the Stones….)?


Or perhaps something more industrial is appropriate, Cop Shoot Cop!



2 Responses to “Mike Magnuson has left So Ill”

  1. Allision Blach Says:

    Wait, red headed guy on the right? I sat hours glued to the rowing machines with that guy. He will be truly missed.

  2. A Real American Hero | Barn Door Cycling Says:

    […]  The article was more about the author then Lemond, he had apparently drove his life off a cliff, he left Southern Illinois, and from his disjointed personal web pages the best I could tell he was bumming around the country […]

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