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Dogfish Day Afternoon

September 29, 2008

It was great to see Mark Nagy and Anthony Dust dueling it out for the IV Ronde title! You couldn’t ask for a nicer pair of guys. I guess Anthony lost his porn gig, or maybe he had to do some scene where he was shaved, but he’s racing really well.  At least Matt Dawson was still sportin’ some righteous chops. Too bad there was no Chimay this year…Ah, well. Things change. But, cross is definitely happening in the STL area. I didn’t check the other numbers, but the A race had a record 15 or so guys. Chief and Keith McQ did a great job with the show!!!

I wasn’t exactly ready to race cross. I finally forced myself to do a couple of dismounts on Friday, and so I went ahead and showed. Alison did the Cape Girardeau Half Marathon in the morning, so I didn’t get to see any of the C’s, and not much of the B’s.

Great to see Reeeeeeschard!!!!  He’s back in action,  living in STL. and working at and racing for Mesa.. Apparently, single, I think. I’ll scribble his number on some bathroom walls. Thanks much to Rich and Adrienne for keeping him from being homeless. Reeschard is up for mid week So Ill’in, and I’m hoping he’ll pop down for some sick fall training.

Nice to see John Williams and family! That man needs to be on his bike just a bit more!!! But, I know how it is! Danimal was rockin’ up, he’s the real deal. All those Williams’ kids are fast.


Jeff Takes the Nation….

September 25, 2008

Oh yeah, baby!!! Team Mack’s Punk Rock Superstar Jeff Williams takes the ABR National Championship! It was quite the Mack Festa. Uncle Gary reports: “Bob Burns won the 60+ National title with Dennis Jurs a fine 3rd place finish. In the 40+ race Jeff William WON BIG in the field sprint with Ricardo Otero 2nd, Mark Tank 3rd, Bobby Kron 4th, and Don Lowe 10th. The 50+ race had John Fleckenstein just miss the win by less than a 1/2 inch for a fine 2nd place. Yours truly was 9th and Mike Rummelhart around 15th after leading me out in the field sprint. The 30+ race had lone MACK member Neil Thomas in a respectable 8th place. ”

Jeff is an incredibly talented artist, musician, and cyclist! I gotta admit, he’s someone I really try to emulate. He’s good. He’s kind. He’s genuine. He’s positive. And, he’s funny, and cool, and nonjudgemental. I mean, I’m kindof surprised nobody tapped him for Vice Prez….

In honor of our economic meltdown, a little heatmiser….

This makes for a huge end to the Team Mack road season. Darrell Bratton took the Jeff City Crit, with Robo and Uncle Gary in the top five. Clark was 3rd in the 1-2-3. Young Dan was in the Top 10 in the 3’s. Robo winning the 3’s in  ST. Gen. And, tons of results up North.

St. Genevieve: Robo Takes the 3’s!!!

September 21, 2008


Great job by Robo Brokaw winning the threes race on a two up break with Sean O’Neal. Robo powered away in the tough finishing stretch!

St. Gen is a really hard race. Much harder than any other race in the region. To make matters worse, we had three time master’s national champion Dave Hixson stopping in for his grandkid’s birthday….Steve Hall and I managed to catch back up just in time for the hills to start again. But, Steve took 5th and I finished 6th, so not too bad.

Lots of Carbondalians there!! Keith McQuarrie was even helping to run the show with Uncle Buddy. Great job by Roberto, Dave, and Molteni to secure beer before I finished!!!

Richard Wright….the core of Pink Floyd

September 17, 2008


Richard Wright never got his proper credit. He had two band leaders who were openly hostile to his superior talents. It was the ethereal keyboards that made Floyd. And, Wright was also their best vocalist, but he rarely got a chance to sing. Shine on…

Darrell Bratton Repeats!!! The Beast Reborn

September 16, 2008

Darrell Bratton repeats as 40+ Master’s Champion at the Jeff City Twighlight Crit!! Robo cleans up the podium in 3rd with Uncle Gary taking 5th. Wow!!! Clark Priebe finished 3rd in the 1-2 race!!! Wow. Talk about exposure. That’s some Mack moments in front of throngs of people turning up for the Tour of Missouri finish. I was bummed not to be there, but I’ll be in St. Gen this weekend.

As expected, the old beast, my 1978 Schwinn Le Tour De Luxe, didn’t handle the stoker (and extra 40 miles a week) too well. The old Wobler rear wheel disintegrated. I took the opportunity to upgrade to modern gear size, which required having Choak at Carbondale Cycles put the bend in the frame to take in a 9/10 cassette. Now, she’s up and running with an Ultegra Triple, shiny new 105 Bottom Bracket, a set of Mavic Cosmos I had hanging, and a SRAM 11-34 cassette and chain I won in a cross race. Choak did a great job with the frame and friction set up! Friction shifting…If it’s good enough for Clark Priebe….

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid…

September 12, 2008

Poor Alejandro Valverde got a reminder that there are no easy stages in a major grand tour. If you look back, the Vuelta is probably the most punishing of all them. Almost every year, some major contender gets caught out on a windswept section, or misses a key move. I really thought Valverde might win this one, but he got a little too complacent coming over a “meaningless” cat-2. Some attacks, some rain, next thing you know he’s nearly 4 minutes down….Ah well, maybe next year.

Unicyclist meets Fascist Repression…

September 9, 2008

I did a nice ride with Matt Whiles and Eric Hellgren yesterday. We took in the scenic side of Water Valley, Wing Hill, and Rocky Comfort. I guess that’s where they are spec’ing that new ride across Illinois, judging from the expensive signage…

Eric peeled off and Matt and I continued through downtown Makanda, where we met up with Larry, the unicyclist. Matt had done some riding with Larry earlier in the week, and we stopped to say hi. Larry had just been accosted by on of Illinois’ less distinguished members of the State Police. The off duty officer with his kid in the cab of his pick-em-up truck honked, swerved, and cursed at poor Larry, who was minding his own business riding his unicycle within a hundred yards of his home and business. When Larry asked to talk with him, the fascist pig whipped out his State Police badge and cursed Larry some more (in front of his own kid). Wow, thanks, public servant! Great example for your kid! I wish Larry had gotten his badge number…His supervisor is a cyclist, if I’m not mistaken.

Winning Ugly

September 7, 2008

Wow. I guess somebody forgot that Alesandro Ballan is one of the top five one day bike racers in the industry…He’s never received his proper accolades. Even before his big win at Flanders, Ballan had several high test wins. If he wasn’t so, how shall we say, plain, he’d be Italy’s Tom Boonen. He’d be doing blow and hookers like a Republican in Minnesota.

Mike Magnuson has left So Ill

September 2, 2008

But, of course, he will always be So Ill. The place won’t be the same without him. But, Mag’s done gone and pursued his dreams of shoveling shit into the brains of mindless Americans. Gone off to Holywood to work in tee vee and shit. Hopefully, he’ll instead pick up more gigs writing words about something like bikes. But, Stupidity is where the money is. I understand that millions of Americans sit glued in front of Tee Vees every day, for hours! Wow. No wonder we’re screwed…..But, hopefully that bodes well for Mag! I’m sure he’ll be back now and again, but it won’t be the same. When I met Mag he was pushing 300lbs, and was smoking cigarettes in the parking lot of Carbondale Cycles before Saki’s Monday and Wednesday night indoor group rides. He’s come a long way since then! It’ll make the party in KC all the better at Nationals….

Ah, I don’t know where to leave the musical interlude, something gay and sappy from Bowie?

Or the classic from the Stones (I know how Mag hates the Stones….)?

Or perhaps something more industrial is appropriate, Cop Shoot Cop!


September 1, 2008

Jackson has some kindergarten friends who have rigs like this, so Alison relented and Choak at Carbondale Cycles ordered us up the Trek trailer!  I went with the single speed model (they make another with SRAM 6- speed mix). When Jackson can figure out gears, he should be riding on his own. I’m not sure about doing one of these trailer things as a faux tandem for serious riding. It seems to put a bit of stress on the seatpost, and I don’t think I’d want to do 40mph descents on it. Fortunately, ours is hooked to the 1978 Schwinn Le Tour De Luxe, with Blackburn Steel seatpost. We probably won’t need to hit 40 on the way to school. We put in a solid 12-15 miles today on it! Jackson’s got the power!