Almost Number 2!!!

I decided to skip the Il Championships, saving four hours of driving and hit the Sedalia Crit and Otterville Road Race. It’s a really nice event! I was bummed that I missed getting into the Bothwell Hotel, and next year I’m making reservations early. Steve Hall also skipped over, but we were the only Mack guys in the field. I’ve been feeling pretty good and was hoping for a result in the crit.  I felt a bit gassy on the line. Gradually, I wasn’t sure if I had to fart, or if I needed to shit. I figured the start line was not the place to figure out if it was a shit or a fart, and I hoped I could sit in and hope the feeling would leave. It didn’t. I was half tempted to let it blow and see…that would have been bad. It wasn’t a fart. Almost number 2 in that one.

The 1-2-3 crit was an awesome show! I was only going to watch the first couple of laps, but I got drawn  into the action. Ethan Froese was up in all the breaks, and eventually one stuck with Ethan, Tracy Smith, Josh Johnson (aka butthead) Brian Jensen and I forget. Ethan, Jensen, and the other guy lapped the field, and Josh and Tracy held on for 4-5. It was a pretty exciting.

Sunday was better for me. I knew things were going well when Mike Weiss met me at the public restroom and  helped me put my jersey on backwards. We had our work cut out with a strong field. I went out on an early solo, but got caught by the field. Steve and I both were out in breaks on the last lap, but in the end everything came back. Tracy blew a rear der cable a couple of miles from the finish…Steve and I both probably should have held back early in the sprint, but we finished respectably. He was 4th in the 50s, and I took 3rd in the 40s. Great rides by Craig Farrell and Ted Weiss for Velo Force!

 I think  the American Classic 58s are incredible!! Wow! All I had to do was tuck and I could catch any silly downhill “break.” I love the new Conti Competitions as well.


One Response to “Almost Number 2!!!”

  1. Bradly Fletchall Says:

    I’ve heard of the French pissing them selves so they don’t have to stop during a road race but dropping a duce on the start line in a crit would have been all bad.

    I’m glad you had good time. Its a ton of work but I really like putting these events on and hearing good things from riders like your sef.

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