Mistakes of Olympic Proportions….

Let’s see, on Sunday, Team Mack’s Mark Tank scored second place at the Masters Crit in Elk Grove. Then, later in the day, Robert Kron took 2nd in the Masters 40+ at Elgin, and Mark McGeen took second at the Masters 50+ race at Elgin, and Clark Priebe lapped the field and took 2nd in the pro-1-2 race at Elgin! Woh….we must be sponsored by the Number 2 this week, just like on Sesame Street.

Mistakes are often made. Leaving Chris Horner off the Olympic team, for example. Jesus Fuck. Jason McCartney? I’ve heard he’s a nice guy..but, ah…you really think he’s gonna follow Rebellin’s wheel? We have a guy who was 8th at Liege–the race most similar to the Olympic course in terms of demand and contour–who now has a broken collarbone because he was racing bullshit American crits because he wasn’t going to Beijing.

It’s a bit humorous to see American political activists protesting the Chinese Games. Ah…dudes, we torture people, have kangaroo court trials, execute foreigners over the protest of their home governments, and are engaging in two illegal wars (by definitions of international law). Who fucking cares about China? Why fly 10,000 miles to protest fascism? If the Olympics were held in a civilized nation this year (Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland), there would have been protests against US involvement.


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