Elk Grove…blood for money.

This about sums up the Elk Grove Experience, Ask Chris Horner

This about sums up the Elk Grove Experience, Ask Chris Horner


Sometimes, maybe, you just gotta listen to Uncle Gary….But, with so much money on the line and a Masters 3-4 race on the schedule, a few of us cat-3 Mackers took the bait. Fortunately, none of us were eaten by a shark or anything. But, many others didn’t fare so well. I counted six crashes in the Cat 3 race. We were trying to keep our new young gun, Danny Robertson (14th overall with several podiums at Superweek) up near the front for the finale. Robo and I went on a few bids for primes, but both of us backed off in the face of stupidity. Ricardo was really hanging in well, and also looked primed for the final…Danny has serious talent, and has a clean head for hanging in fast packs and sprinting out of them. Danny was 4th wheel when 3rd wheel went into the barriers….then there was another huge crash which almost claimed all of us. Jeff Williams and Robert Kron were on the sidelines shaking their heads, Tammy was looking at us like were were nuts, and Uncle Gary got in an “I told you so” or two. Fortunately, the arrival of Robert Kron’s mother made us all feel safe again.  We stuck around to watch the pros crash out. It was pretty sickening to see Chris Horner go down and out for the season on the Jumbotron. Great Jumbotron. Not great course.

So, we got up the next day and raced at Elk Grove again. Only worse, on the 1.7 mile course. At least there were no crashes in the Masters. Jeff did a great job controlling the pace in the late laps (heading off the front with two laps to go), and Mark Tank and Ricardo Otero held perfect position. Mark got nipped at the line taking second, and Ricardo was scored 8th. Former Macker and great guy Dan Verner was third. I should have followed Dan when he moved up. I needed another 20 minutes or so. Jeff went to see if he could make the Elgin masters race, but I decided to call it a weekend and get home before dinner.

Great to see young Steve Kot from SIU at Elk Grove! Steve was hanging in the front of the 5’s race, but got caught out on a crash in the finale…gee, that seems to be a thing at Elk Grove…5’s to pros…

Next year, I’m going to Elgin if I head north in August….I should have listened to Uncle Gary….


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