Big Race Over.


Another Superweek has come and gone, and Team Mack put 3 guys in the top 10, with Clark Priebe, Robert Kron, and Mark McGeen keeping it up for a superweek! Mark took today’s stage in Whitefish Bay, which may have been the same stage he took last year…and I think these same two guys were on the podium with him….

and…..ALEX VOITIK WINS SUPERWEEK!!!! Wow. Alex was scrapping in every stage, and managed to pull out the overall victory by a couple of points! Congratulations!

Over in the civilized world, the Tour de France concluded. The finish looked pretty much staged, since the only major team who hadn’t won a stage somehow miraculously got their shit together. Bjarne Riis was putting serious champagne in the water bottles. Cancellara would do well TT’ing back from Von Jacobs. He had several bidons, and was still thinking about going for it with 2k. Great to see Carlos Sastre finally win the tour after being so close for so long.

I’m almost ready for Elk Grove/Elgin, I guess. Today I did a hard solo around Hutchinson Creek and ran into Alan and Carol Brandenburg while I was watering up at Von Jacobs. That was a pleasant surprise!


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