Hey! Wait!!!

Gee, for a stage that went over the highest paved climb in all of Europe, nothing much happened today. Well, except that VandeVelde got dropped on the climb and then crashed on the descent, and Menchov got dropped on the descent and then crashed. Nobody really seemed to attack Evans. The pace was high, but you ain’t gonna drop Evans just by maintaining a high pace. I’m not sure what’s on Bjarne’s mind. Maybe he didn’t want to give Evans a second chance, and wants to play all of the cards tomorrow. Or, maybe everyone was just at their limits.

No question though, the best moment was when young South African climber John Lee Augustyn made a viscious attack to take the last climb, then crashed spectacularly on the descent. He’d have definitely been in the top 10 if not for the crash. But what was so cool was that his bike slid down into the canyon, while a spectator pulled him back up to the tarmac. Then, just as he got his feet on the road, the Mavic Neutral Support Vehicle rolled right past him. He sat on the mountain for who knows how long before he got a bike.


2 Responses to “Hey! Wait!!!”

  1. Ted C. MacRae Says:

    CSC executed a perfect tacticle race – putting Voight and Arveson in the break so they could help on the 2nd climb. That left Gustov, O’Grady, and Cancellara to keep the pace high on the Lombarde, which shed many support riders for the non-CSC contenders. On the Bonette Andy took over the pacing, Arveson dropped back from the break and took over as long as he could to give Andy a break while Voight stayed in the break. Then Andy took over again and finally cracked Vandevelde. Voight then dropped back (bringing water bottles) and mashed it again and put Valverde into difficulty. With 20k of descent after cresting, any attacks by Frank or Carlos would have been wasted, since any time gap they gained was likely to be erased in a descent. CSC executed perfect tactics, but Evans and Menchov were still able to rise to the challenge, and their TT abilities keep them in the driver’s seat. The only shot CSC has is furious, repeated attacks on Alp d’Huez to gain enough buffer over Evans and Menchov. Can’t wait to see that one tonight!

  2. sherkat Says:

    I don’t know, man. It’s perfect IF they had anyone who could TT within 2 minutes of Evans. They have to put a shitload of time into Evans and (Spoilerish–don’t look), they are, as you expected, waiting until the Alpe to do it.

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