Pantani’s Children

Tour de Fuckin’ France. First time this has happened in a while. Actual climbers, who win stages. This is Pantani’s legacy. Diminutive bike racers from throughout the world (but particularly from Italia) have been honing their skills for this moment. Ricco is the shit. I didn’t like him at first, but this year he’s not only won races, but been a true class act. Yesterday was exemplary, with Ricco sitting in to let Piepoli take the stage with Cobo. It was perfect. Next year, Ricco may be the first true climber to take the tour since Pantani.

Still, at this point, I don’t see anyone beating Evans. He not only hung on after his crash, he attacked a bit. Next week, Evans will be going well and nobody on GC will be anywhere close to his last TT. Sastre, Menchov, and Vandevelde look to be fighting for the second spot. I just can’t believe in Schleck or Kohl for the long run.  

Congrats to Young Alex Voitik, former Mack and SIU racer,  on taking Stage 1 at Superweek in the 3’s!!! Alex added a 3rd and 5th and sits on top the leader board after 4 stages!


True to form, Pantani’s kids tested positive and exited the Tour. Shit. Can’t these guys get their med’s straight? How come some teams can dope to the gills and never test positive, while others get popped every time they walk into the WADA tent? Good doctors trump good riders every time. Still, some of this could be individual riders disobeying the team docs. Basso got fired from CSC for lying, not for doping. He took unapproved drugs from unapproved doctors. Maybe Ricco was slipping in a little extra, or maybe Sanier Duvall has (had) a bunch of Spanish gynecologists instead of serious sports doping doctors.


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