Manx Masher


Cavendish has crushed the only two real sprints in the tour with the authority we haven’t seen since guys like Pettachi and Cippolini were in their prime. Today, Steegmans and Quick Step had it set up perfectly. Their team did a great job, and it should have been a done deal. Cavendish shot out from four places in back of Steegmans, pulled around the lead out guy, and blasted to the line. His leadout guy, Ciolek, wound up second because he was the closest wheel to the Cavendish rocket.

Still, you get the feeling Phil and Paul don’t really like Cavendish. I mean, they wet their panties when David Millar took 3nd in the TT, but they almost ignore this guy and he’s dominated two stages. I think it’s because Cavendish is too brutish for Phil and Paul. They like more cultured guys, especially ones with a thing for older guys. It’s because Cavendish is from the Isle of Man, a place mostly known for rampant beastiality (mostly towards sheep and goats, though that makes it a bit like …..South Central Illinois….), Even if he doesn’t wind up in Green, Cavendish is the best spinter this season.


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