Masters’ Nat’s

Great job by a lot of guys from Team Mack over in Louisville!! Clark Priebe put on a podium performance in the crit. Mark McGeen had a bad turn of events in the finish, but was right up there at the end of the 50+. Uncle Gary has the detail:

“In the 50-54 category Mark McGeen and John Fleckenstein did a fine job at the road race with Mark coming home in 12th place and John in 38th.
In the 40-44 category Clark Priebe came in 38th.
The criterium went better for the team as Clark Priebe nailed down a fine 3rd place in the 40-44 category.
Jeff Williams represented MACK in the 45-49 which is probably one of the toughest categories with the California Amgen squad nailing the first two spots.
Mark McGeen was set up perfectly by John Fleckenstein for a medal or even the win in the 50+ event but crashed in the last turn only a few hundred meters from the line. Mark is fine just a few abrasions. John ended up 33rd and I finished 20th.”
Congrats to Russ Murphy who scored a podium slot in the 45-49 crit!! And, it was good to see Kurt Russell and Joe Walsh racing in the big show, and Dave Stone way up front! Of course, I skipped it. Managing to hang on and put in a minor bit of work at Proctor does not constitute nationals caliber form. I’m thinking Elk Grove…or maybe the Nashville Stage race….

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