I gotta $20 Bill says you can’t make me….


The Dyna Mo just keeps on hummin’. Darrell Bratton, the man!!! Taking a tough win at Webster Groves. Darrell is one of the coolest guys on the Midwest masters scene, and he just keeps getting better. Big Shark and Gateway put up an incredible fight, and Tracy was there for Mesa, but to no avail. Darrell. The man. Great job by Steve Hall working to try for the double, alas, Uncle Gary felt the pain of the previous day’s efforts and shot backwards in the final stretch. Gary and Steve faded to 4th and 5th, but it was a great run.  I was more like off the back and still not up for racing, especially not in the drizzling rain. Several more intelligent racers like Jeff and Shawn O opted out of the Masters race.

I guess I missed the real action with Robert Kron taking 2nd in the 1-2 race on Saturday up Chicago-way. Uncle Gary held in for a 5th! Kron is awesome, he even helped my pin on my number…

State Championships at Peoria saw some serious action. John Fleckenstein jumped hard and never looked back to take the 50+, and Uncle Gary came across to take a podium spot for the state title. In the 40+, the venerable Dave Stone repeated as a well deserved champion. He edged Clark Priebe for the win, with Mark McGeen in third and Chad Martel and Darrell Bratton coming up high on the illinois side for Team Mack. Robert Kron age-downgraded to take a podium slot in the 30+. Great work by Jeff Williams, Mark Tank, John Fleckenstein, Steve Driscoll, Steve Hall, Dan Eichinger, Don Lowe. and Mike Ozment, who also took the 60+ State Title!!

 After feeling not so good at first, I managed to work my way up front and even chase down a late break. It felt good to finish in the pack. I’ll be ready to race in a few weeks, so maybe Elk Grove or Elgin…

Serious Carbondalien action in Peoria, with Panic Dave Neis taking the 30+ 4-5 masters title!!! Way to go Dave! Chief Reimbold, Molteni, and especially Larry Mac(k) were key to keeping him up there. Total bummer for Larry with the late crash after laps were called. Dave had a Big Mac attack on the way home, and choked down two Big Mac’s at the Pinkneyville McDonalds.

Still, we missed most of the sights and sounds and smells of Peoria. As we left, the Chief exclaimed, “Gee, I can’t believe we were right there and never went to Big Al’s”

It was great to see REESSCHARD!!! in the house at Proctor! He was giving it a go in the 1-2 race when we left.




2 Responses to “I gotta $20 Bill says you can’t make me….”

  1. Kurt Russell Says:

    You gotta be kidding me!? A full report about the Webster Crit and not one comment on the biggest “incident” in St. Louis biking history? No comment on the Cat 5 throwdown???? C’mon, a little inside scoop would be awesome!

    Good to see you back out racing. Hope your coming around.

    Nice work by Team Mack…bastards.

    Take care.

    Kurt Russell

  2. sherkat Says:

    There was a cat-5 race at Webster? I was in a hurry to get home….

    Thanks, man! Proctor was the best I’ve ever felt about finishing anonymously in the pack.

    Bummer that Soulard was cancelled, that may have been yours this year….I’m tied up for the next few weeks, but hope to hit a few in August.

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