I am a Sheep, tiny little lamb….


Pease’s version of whatver that was was really cool. But, my first race back at Sandia was probably about what I should have expected. I got shelled early, but damn! These people were balls to the walls from the gun. They were jumping in front of the Albuquerque BMW Moto club coming out of the parking lot of the mini mall. Jesus fuck. I thought the first three miles should have been neutral, since we were mostly on offramps of I-40. There were some really strong teams and a few wanted to split it. They mostly managed to spit me off. The 1-2-3’s are the only one’s doing the full course, and Pease wouldn’t let me register Masters. So, I had to roll over and venture across the desert. I had a few companions, but most bailed before the final climb to Sandia. The late cat-3’s met no neutral water at the base of the climb, and that was not cool. I managed to flag a bunch of guys from Colorado (thanks!), who turned and filled a bottle for me halfway up the climb. But, I was already in survival mode by then. Alison would have been really pissed if I would have wound up in the hospital.–and with no fluids, 15 miles of climbing, and 90F that’s not out of the question. Still, I”m glad I did that race. It’s really awesome. Heartbreak Hill is horrific. The climbing is intense.

Thanks again to Mike Pease for all of his help and support. I may have to send you case of Cave Creek.




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