Winghaven…I wasn’t there, but….


Tour de Winghaven proved to be another slugfest in the Masters category. Clark Priebe prevailed in the end, adding to his win and 2nd place from previous years. Clark had some trouble before the race. He had to strap a spare wheel to the neutral vehicle. They kept saying “It’s neutral wheels, you don’t need them.” Alas, Clark managed to get them to admit that among all their fancy schmantzy Zipp wheels there was not a seven speed cluster to be found. Robert Kron, last year’s winner, was just off the podium, and Uncle Gary, Ricardo, and an Amazing Mark Shea (cat-5 winner) were in the top 10. Darrell, Jeff, Robo, Mark Tank, and Frank Brummer all did great work for the team. Apparently, there was a rash of identity theft, as I was reported as being among the (last) finishers. I think I was mowing the lawn, or something.


It’s great to see Joe Walsh up in the top 5! Big Shark was in some strong moves early in the race. Tracy, Ethan, and Lonnie were all in the mix in the Top 10, so Mesa was definitely fighting for the win.  And, great to see a few of the racers from Gran Fondo! Robert Gregory wound up in the top 10, though Tom Gates pulled up flat early in the race. If you’re ever around Nashville TN, you have to stop by Lynn Greer’s Gran Fondo!!

It was a Mack and Mack Alum-fest in the 3-4’s, with Gabe Looker and Ron Bridal both seeing the podium! Ben Cole wound up 5th. And, our new young (only 19!) Team Macker Danny Robertson finished 6th in the 3/4 race, still a USCF Cat 4. Dave Stroot finished strong in 8th, and Matt Siemens was in the bunch! Congrats to Steve Driscoll for leading the team and finishing way up there as well!



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