Ass Crack

A local bike shop team just got their much ballyhooed new uniforms this week. It seemed a vast improvement over the solid black of last year. However, the switch to all white was ill-advised. On April Fools every year, all English-language cycling mags always run the same “White Bibs are banned by the UCI” headline. Large segments of cycling fans buy the gag, mostly because, damn it, white bibs should be banned! Mike and Dave were proudly flashing their new asscrack uniforms–and they haven’t even seen a washing machine yet!! It started raining just a tad, and things got really ugly. At least Mag wasn’t wearing his orange thong. Chief Reimbold promises to have his ass crack waxed, and I’m going to hold him to it. Dave has a friend….


You guys may be interested in getting a few pair of these little marvels, the Champion Brief Supporter. My oversized cajones necessitate wearing a jock in all but race situations, so I’ve been training in these for more than a decade. Once you develop the proper callouses, they’re great!



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