Limp Wrist

I finally ventured forth to the Pine Hills this week, and managed to make it up via Hutchinson Creek. You can’t drive it in a car because one of the bridges is washed out at the foot of the climb. You can tell from the view at the top that the flooding is still a serious issue. I tried to do the Big Muddy Levee on Tuesday, and it’s closed at the first gate. I don’t cross those federal gates, they patrol the levee when there is flooding. What with all the homeland security and with me being an Iranian Redneck, I thought it best to turn my attention to Pierson Road and the dreaded Abneyville Horror. That was fun. Yesterday I returned to Hutchinson with Roberto for a nice jaunt through the woods. It’s REALLY feeling remote out there, since much of it has been undriveable since before the ice storms. If you do it, be careful. The roads wash out on several downhills and other unexpected places.

Big thanks to Big Dale for mounting me this week. What with this limp wrist, I can’t even stretch a rubber. But, the new wheels are now dressed out with some really sweet new Conti Competitions. These are MUCH better tires than the Vittorias. They’re perfectly shaped and glue up nice and round with no bumps or humps.


2 Responses to “Limp Wrist”

  1. Alan Brandenburg Says:

    Nice picture of Pine Hills. Thanks for the advice on the Levee Rd.

  2. sherkat Says:

    I don’t know where I stole the picture..the author is entitled to 100% royalties generated by the post….

    I have heard that the Levee is in tact, and I wonder if maybe that last gate is down for no good reason….Temple’s friend Jerry owns some land on the other side of 3 just off the levee, and he says that it’s been open since the flood. Maybe I arrived when they were doing something…

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