New Wheels….

Team Mack is back on American Classic with a vengence. When I first joined, AC was one of our best sponsors. But, we moved over with Zipp and then Mavic.  I always regretted not getting a set of the AC carbon tubulars back in 2002. Robert Kron was still running an old pair not long ago. They’re wickedly light wheels on a standard platform, nice rims, superlight hubs, and great spokes. The old 420s I bought instead are still the fastest clincher I’ve ridden. The new versions are even lighter, and Uncle Gary won Forest Park on a pair of the 58’s…

I just got my 58’s this week, and they are superlight! I put them up next to the Mavic Cosmic Carbone Pro’s I’ve been running for the last 2.5 seasons, and there is no comparison.  I’m stretching out a set of Conti Competitions, and hope to be mounted soon…Sandia Crest awaits.


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