Uncle Gary Does Forest Park

Uncle Gary’s back in full swing!! Wow, what a win at Forest Park in the 40+!!! I wish I could have been there to help! Great job from the team all weekend!

Darrell Bratton scored a 2nd in the TT (the first REAL TT there in a while…), and picked up a 3rd and 6th to take second in the overall in the 40+. Clark Priebe scored a 2nd and an 8th in the crits. Robo had a 3rd in the TT, and Jeff Williams picked up an 8th place finish (to continue his string of top 10s at STL). New Mack GUY Steve Hall–our former worthy adversary from Labor Power—took second overall in the masters 50+! Way to go Steve, and welcome to Team Mack!

Great job from Nick Brummer, who was 2nd in one of the 4 races, and Matt Siemens took a very strong 7th. Great job for many others as well.

A few Carbondalians went to the Carondolet crit. Chief Reimbold held on to finish in the pack of the 4s, and Danimal Williams was somewhere in the top 10, I think. Roberto Barrios was also in the mix, as was Ryan Warren, who hit pavement, I guess. Dave Neis took 4th in the 5’s, which is a great result. Dave’s a real up and comer.


1. The new Mesa Uniforms are very slimming. They almost seem to be recreational cut. But, if you look carefully, you can see Tracy’s nipple rings.

2. The Big Shark Uniform makes Kurt’s butt look bigger, not that that’s a bad thing.

3. Steve Hall looks like Superman in his new Mack kit.

4. Holy Crap!!! Gary isn’t using downtube shifters!!! At least Clark is still on friction.






One Response to “Uncle Gary Does Forest Park”

  1. Robert Says:

    Clarks on Ergo’s year. 6 sp. Heck he only needs a single speed. Hope to see you soon. Robert

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