I have a really nice screw in my wrist, though it doesn’t seem to quite be making my bones grow together yet. At this rate, Tulsa Tough may be my first race of the season, which is not good. I may have to see if Pease has any nice quiet road races in NM….Ah well, I’m working for nationals anyway…yeah…

At least the weather is nice down here in So. Ill. I’m managing some time on the bike, but I can’t really get out of the saddle, which is not good around here. I have sores on my ass, I think from that. Maybe from something else.

Newsflash 4:20: People who are not white, not conservative Christian, or more educated are less proud of America. However, irreligious people, the highly educated, and non-whites are quite proud of America’s scientific and artistic achievements.



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