More than 4,000 dead dogs !!!


For the last seven weeks, I have been asked countless times to explain how I came to have a bright red cast on my arm. Almost uniformly, strangers, friends, relatives,  and random assholes ask “how is the Dog?”

At first, this was annoying, then amusing, and finally moribund. Yet now, I find it inspirational! Gee, It’s obvious that people care a lot more about a dog than about humans! So, if we amplify the canine losses in the current war on Terra/Islam, people would resoundingly reject further funding for the escapade.

Just think, “Over 4,000 American Puppies killed! 40,000, horrificallly maimed!!!, and casualties are even worse for those cute little Iraqi puppies….”



One Response to “More than 4,000 dead dogs !!!”

  1. Allison Says:

    Sherkat, I found your blog.

    I think that the dog thing generally extends to the innocent intentions we generally extend to animals. If they are asking the question sincerely, it could be because you are bigger than the dog, were clearly traveling faster than it, and certainly just got caught up in the same coincidental accident that you did without any malicious intent on its part (obviously, since its a dog). Yet, I have a feeling the majority are just trying to be funny asshats assuming that they are the first to make those “witty” remarks.

    There was some furor a couple months ago over a U.S. marine throwing an Iraqi puppy off a cliff. Neocon pundits used people’s furor over the event to demonstrate how much “the left” hates soldiers while loving animals. The cause behind the furor I think, has a lot more to do with the fact that killing a puppy, a cute furry thing that has caused no one any harm, is clearly sociopathic. Killing, or injuring, a person on the other hand is more grey, because we realize that sometimes people who get killed are often killed by their own actions or poor decisions. There would be tons of outrage if 4000 puppies were killed, probably enough to change the course of foreign policy. People on the other hand, not so much.

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