Back in the Saddle


See what you get if you eat your pasta? Another brick at Hillsboro! Congratulations to Mark McGeen on his big win at Hillsboro. John Fleckenstein should now have enough bricks for a fireplace, after putting in another podium performance. Great job by the team, with several other Mack guys figuring in the top 20.

I’ve been back on the bike for a while now, and am finally up to doing 3 hour rides on the road. Speed hurts. I had Choak at Carbondale Cycles set up the old Blue Gunnar Crosshairs (the DogKiller) with standard braking (my left arm is the one in a cast), so I could have a 34-29 and cheater brakes. Before I got hurt, I successfully rigged up a 12-29 Campy cassette for the DogKiller’s main rear (a 36 spoke Campy Record-hubbed Open Pro). That’s been great for the road, and cross tires are essential since it would be really hard for me to change a flat.  

 I’m hopeful for a Tour of STL  return, but I may hold out for Washington. My wrist is pretty messed up, and I don’t get the cast off until April 21…But, I’ll be ready soon!



One Response to “Back in the Saddle”

  1. Donald Key Says:

    Donkey. Glad you humpin’ the saddle again. Most people would have traded their spandex for leather and a gig in the circus.

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