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Uncle Gary Does Forest Park

April 29, 2008

Uncle Gary’s back in full swing!! Wow, what a win at Forest Park in the 40+!!! I wish I could have been there to help! Great job from the team all weekend!

Darrell Bratton scored a 2nd in the TT (the first REAL TT there in a while…), and picked up a 3rd and 6th to take second in the overall in the 40+. Clark Priebe scored a 2nd and an 8th in the crits. Robo had a 3rd in the TT, and Jeff Williams picked up an 8th place finish (to continue his string of top 10s at STL). New Mack GUY Steve Hall–our former worthy adversary from Labor Power—took second overall in the masters 50+! Way to go Steve, and welcome to Team Mack!

Great job from Nick Brummer, who was 2nd in one of the 4 races, and Matt Siemens took a very strong 7th. Great job for many others as well.

A few Carbondalians went to the Carondolet crit. Chief Reimbold held on to finish in the pack of the 4s, and Danimal Williams was somewhere in the top 10, I think. Roberto Barrios was also in the mix, as was Ryan Warren, who hit pavement, I guess. Dave Neis took 4th in the 5’s, which is a great result. Dave’s a real up and comer.


1. The new Mesa Uniforms are very slimming. They almost seem to be recreational cut. But, if you look carefully, you can see Tracy’s nipple rings.

2. The Big Shark Uniform makes Kurt’s butt look bigger, not that that’s a bad thing.

3. Steve Hall looks like Superman in his new Mack kit.

4. Holy Crap!!! Gary isn’t using downtube shifters!!! At least Clark is still on friction.







April 23, 2008



It’s official, I’m off to see Pease and do the crazy road race up Sandia Mtn. outside Albuquerque on June 1.  I hate to miss Tulsa Tough, but this is one awesome race, and the grandparents are right there in Santa Fe!

That’s the profile for the last 25 miles of a 65 mile race, I think, for Masters. I’ve ridden some of the roads on Sandia, but not these. NM is really hard. I’ve done the Ski Basin route in Santa Fe a couple of times, and it’s a high altitude climb. I’ll probably suck.




April 22, 2008

I have a really nice screw in my wrist, though it doesn’t seem to quite be making my bones grow together yet. At this rate, Tulsa Tough may be my first race of the season, which is not good. I may have to see if Pease has any nice quiet road races in NM….Ah well, I’m working for nationals anyway…yeah…

At least the weather is nice down here in So. Ill. I’m managing some time on the bike, but I can’t really get out of the saddle, which is not good around here. I have sores on my ass, I think from that. Maybe from something else.

Newsflash 4:20: People who are not white, not conservative Christian, or more educated are less proud of America. However, irreligious people, the highly educated, and non-whites are quite proud of America’s scientific and artistic achievements.


More than 4,000 dead dogs !!!

April 21, 2008


For the last seven weeks, I have been asked countless times to explain how I came to have a bright red cast on my arm. Almost uniformly, strangers, friends, relatives,  and random assholes ask “how is the Dog?”

At first, this was annoying, then amusing, and finally moribund. Yet now, I find it inspirational! Gee, It’s obvious that people care a lot more about a dog than about humans! So, if we amplify the canine losses in the current war on Terra/Islam, people would resoundingly reject further funding for the escapade.

Just think, “Over 4,000 American Puppies killed! 40,000, horrificallly maimed!!!, and casualties are even worse for those cute little Iraqi puppies….”


Ida Rolls On

April 16, 2008

The Southern Sociological Society is one of the oldest sociological associations in the world. The Southern United States is a lot more interesting than the more settled and civilized environs up North, and probably because of that Southerners account for a disproportionate share of American Sociologists. Ida Harper Simpson is one of the greatest sociologists the South ever produced. Born in Alabama, Ida earned her BA and MA from the University of Alabama, before moving to UNC for her PhD. She moved around a bit into employment not befitting her intellect (“I never really thought about that at the time, I suppose if I had, I would have been a lot less happy.”) before landing a slot at Duke. Back then, Duke wasn’t the powerhouse Sociology program it is today, and Ida helped build the department from an undergraduate program to one of the top PhD programs in the nation.  Ida was President of the SSS when I was in grad school, and we all went to Nashville to celebrate the event. The male graduate students (Dave Gay, Chris Ellison, Tom Glass, Dan Clark, Hon Chu Leung, Xioming Chen, Miguel K, me, and several others I’m forgetting) crashed in the presidential suite where we had the official SSS nightly parties (at which, we tended bar). The female graduate students (who shall remain nameless…) took all of the grad student money and stayed 2 to a room. By the third day us guys were sleeping with stinky putrid cheese trays, and occaisionally eating some of it…

That was twenty years ago. At this year’s meetings in Richmond, Ida was rightly awarded the supreme accolade of the SSS, admission into the Roll of Honor. Only fifteen people, including Ida, have been so honored. The panel session for her induction was a magnificent event. Despite being early on the program, it was packed, with many people having come to Richmond simply for Ida’s induction. Ida is doing great, and it was wonderful to see the support from Duke faculty and alumni. Many of my old cohorts were there, Dave Gay, Christine Cox, Diane Everett, Vick Lamb…It was like a reunion!

And, unlike parties sponsored by some lame ass universities in the triangle, the Duke party had free booze! That doesn’t come without cost! At one point during the reception, William H Form called me a bastard and attacked me with his cane!!! For a guy who is 91, he wields a mean stick!! It was great to see that Bill can still dish it out!

Back in the Saddle

April 4, 2008


See what you get if you eat your pasta? Another brick at Hillsboro! Congratulations to Mark McGeen on his big win at Hillsboro. John Fleckenstein should now have enough bricks for a fireplace, after putting in another podium performance. Great job by the team, with several other Mack guys figuring in the top 20.

I’ve been back on the bike for a while now, and am finally up to doing 3 hour rides on the road. Speed hurts. I had Choak at Carbondale Cycles set up the old Blue Gunnar Crosshairs (the DogKiller) with standard braking (my left arm is the one in a cast), so I could have a 34-29 and cheater brakes. Before I got hurt, I successfully rigged up a 12-29 Campy cassette for the DogKiller’s main rear (a 36 spoke Campy Record-hubbed Open Pro). That’s been great for the road, and cross tires are essential since it would be really hard for me to change a flat.  

 I’m hopeful for a Tour of STL  return, but I may hold out for Washington. My wrist is pretty messed up, and I don’t get the cast off until April 21…But, I’ll be ready soon!