My own Private Hillsboro


Hillsboro Roubaix is a great early season contest. There aren’t very many road races in South Central IL MO, and this race has good texture, with a mix of sort hills and windblown narrow roads.  And, it pretty much winds up being the first or second race of the year for many people.

Team Mack has always done well in the Masters race at Hillsboro–we’ve won 4 of the last six if you count Fleckenstein’s overall last year (while registered 50+).  Since 2002, 47% of the top 5 Masters racers were from Team Mack, and 38% of the top 10 were Mackers in the last six editions. 

And, we did it with lots of tools. Four different guys got wins:  Mark McGeen. Larry Moore, Lou Waugman, and John Fleckenstein. Eight distinct racers cracked the top 5, and a dozen different Mackers have been in the top ten at Hillsboro in the last six years.

Hillsboro is a huge Mack race because of the date. In South Central, we usually only have five or six guys. But, for Hillsboro, the Wisconsin and Iowa guys turn up. And they’re going nuts. they haven’t been on a bike outdoors except for training camp. That’s the real secret to our success–stir crazy Wisconsin-Iowa guys going nuts…

I’m bummed that I won’t be there to help the team this year. Gary said that Robert, Steve, and Fleck are absolutely flying…and Clark is always that way.

Instead, I’ll do an easy  3 hour outdoor ride, and try not to hit a dog.

Support the Montgomery County Cancer Association

Rich Pierce has invited Hillsboro Racers to support an important charity which has also provided tremendous volunteer support for the race. the MCCA. I’ve seen groups like the MCCA in action, and it is humbling. They help people in tough situations, and do so on shoestring budgets. Without groups like this, people in rural areas wouldn’t be able to get the care they need to surive.

Russ Murphy of Mesa has issued a team challenge and tossed in $500 to kick off. I put in $100 to get Mack going, and I hope people will get behind this. You can donate at


One Response to “My own Private Hillsboro”

  1. Don L. Says:

    Hang in Darren. I know I’ll miss you this year. If it hadn’t been for your monster pull across the gap coming back into town at the finish, I wouldn’t have been able to pull out a fifth place finish last year. Looks like a lot of horsepower in the field this year.

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