Dr Uncle Gary, MD


Sometimes, fellow racers are more helpful than doctors, especially if you don’t have access to high end sport people.  I had a long talk with Uncle Gary ( condolences to Gary and Sharmin on the passing of their beloved kitty), and he set me straight on  a few simple things.

 1. “If I did what Doctors told me, I’d have quit racing 15 years ago.”

2. “If you can do it, do it.”

My hip isn’t that bad. I’m pretty sure I won’t need the scope.  I can walk! Not much pain, even. Gary loaded me up on his hip horrors, and added detail from Steve…the bottom line, if you can walk, the bike is physical therapy. Look at the happy quote from the American Physical Therapy Association!

 Cycling For Healthy Hips
For many people, cycling is a great way to keep their hips in shape. Whether you choose to ride outside or to work out on a stationary bike, cycling helps maintain muscle tone and fluid joint movement without undue shock and pressure on the joint. (If you have an existing hip injury or condition, be sure to get your physical therapist’s approval before exercising.)

Now, that’s much happier than the first line of most information on hip fracture:

Why is a hip fracture so serious?

People who sustain a hip fracture are more likely to die than a person of the same age who does not experience this injury. About 20 percent of people who have a hip fracture die within a year of their injury. It is estimated that only one in four persons have a total recovery from a hip fracture.


So today I hopped on the trainer for 30 minutes….40 tomorrow….


3 Responses to “Dr Uncle Gary, MD”

  1. nbrummer Says:

    that’s a damn nice pic……….

  2. steve driscoll Says:

    5 surgeries, including a couple of bone grafts with two severly broken legs, 3 titanium rods still in there and about 16 screws, my doc’s all told me that if you can bear weight, get on the bike, get the blood flowing, get active, get your BRAIN active, and you’ll do fine. Good luck, drope me a line if you need advice : )

  3. sherkat Says:

    I am thankful to not be in Mr. Driscoll’s former condition!!! Uncle Gary has some pretty hairy tales, but I think you have everyone beat! Sick stuff. I’m lucky I’m not there! four more weeks in a hard cast on the arm, though.

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